The license page displays information about the activated license and you can activate and deactivate a license here.

When a license is activated, you can click the [Deactivate] button and the program will forget the license key.

When no license is active the "Activate Ventura SQL" section will be displayed.

The program can be activated with a Product Key or a License Key.

Product Key

A product key is a 29 character string and looks like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

Enter a product key and click [Download license key]. Ventura SQL will send the product key to and request the license key for that product key.

The license key will then be loaded into the license key text-input-box.

License Key

A license key is a long and variable length string similar to this: "WAg2M3IDLda7yT3IVS2h4xNl1c0rt..."

Click [Activate] to activate the license.

Activating with a license key does not require an Internet connection.

A license key key can contain the following information:

  • The product key (not available for trial licenses);
  • The name of the license holder;
  • Validity period of the license;
  • Entitlement period for free updates and upgrades.

Request trial key

Click the [Request trial key] button to request a free 30-Day trial key. In this period Ventura SQL will be fully functional without any limitations.

The trial key is delivered by email.

A trial key is not personal, but is issued per-computer.

If you want to try Ventura SQL on multiple computers, you have to repeat the procedure on each computer you want to activate. You can use the same email address on each computer.