Research project

Ventura UWP

The complete base framework.

Ventura UWP is an enterprise-class UX base framework for C# developers.

The framework is still a research project as UWP is not popular for business app development yet. I am hopeful that porting the project to WinUI 3 later in 2020 will change this.

A demo app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, and source code is available on GitHub.


  • Extra small controls and font size to fit data densely on the screen;
  • Form controls to make text input look like a paper form;
  • Responsive layout for form fields;
  • Split screen. Drag a tab with the mouse and the screen will split horizontally. When closing the last tab on the right side, the screen splitter will close automatically;
  • A powerful yet easy to use Validation API.

Source code on GitHub

Source code for both the Ventura UWP Demo App and the Ventura UWP Framework. The GitHub repository contains 2 Visual Studio 2019 projects: VenturaUWP and VenturaUWPDemo. The VenturaUWP project is the framework. It contains some pretty advanced UWP controls and more. The VenturaUWPDemo project demonstrates the capabilities of the framework. The demo uses a SqlLite database. For data access the Ventura SQL product was used.

The VenturaUWPDemo.venproj file contains the recordset definitions. Download and Install Ventura SQL, and then open the venproj file with Ventura SQL Studio.

View, download and run Ventura UWP source code from GitHub.

Demo App on the Microsoft Store

A compiled version of the Ventura UWP Demo app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Install the Ventura UWP Demo App directly from the Microsoft Store.