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Programming should be fast, easy and fun. That’s why I have been focusing on improving software development for over 25 years. Ventura's 3-tier SQL framework concept was originally developed in 2000 and has been rewritten and redesigned from the ground up, resulting in a close to perfect and mature product.

It is the integrated web service middle-tier that makes VenturaSQL unique. Enter SQL statements in VenturaSQL Studio, click Generate, and you are ready to start developing your 3-tier application.

Free license for VenturaSQL 3.2.86

You are granted a free license for VenturaSQL 3.2.86:

  • • Perpetual license.
  • • Fully functional.
  • • Unlimited server distribution.
  • • Royalty free runtimes.
  • • Personal and commercial use.

Commercial use - Please consider paying

When deploying VenturaSQL in a commercial and mission-critical environment you need continuity, support and maintenance. Please consider paying for the license. Contact me to discuss a licensing arrangement that includes source-code escrow, support and guaranteed product continuity.


You find all the latest information and instructions in the Documentation Center. Navigate to the "Getting started" topic in the documentation to learn how to use VenturaSQL in no time.

Getting support for VenturaSQL:

  • Read the Online documentation;
  • Download the latest Ventura release;
  • Contact me directly. Support for the free license is limited.
Latest version

  • Released: Wednesday, October 28, 2020
  • Version: 3.2.86
  • Size: 17.3 MB
  • Type: Setup.exe installer
  • See the Changelog (What's new) for an overview of what's new, changed and corrected.

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No-nonsense guarantee:

  • The installer only copies files to the (32-bit)\Program Files\VenturaTools folder;
  • It will add a shortcut to the VenturaSQL Studio executable to the Start Menu and the Desktop;
  • Ventura will not upset your Windows and Visual Studio environment;
  • Ventura does not write to the Windows Registry;
  • When you uninstall Ventura it is really gone.
  • Free from spyware, adware, malware, virusses and so on.