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Ventura SQL

The 3-tier SQL framework for C# projects.

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Imagine a recordset as a wrapper around a SQL script.


The Ventura SQL Studio program generates C# code for recordsets and adds them to your Visual Studio C# projects. A recordset is a collection of rows and columns containing the resultset(s) for a simple SELECT statement or a complex SQL script. Imagine a recordset as a wrapper around a SQL script. For each script, there is a different recordset class. Recordsets can be read-only or updateable and have built in advanced change-tracking. Recordset columns fully support data-binding.

Ventura SQL is the 3-tier SQL framework for C# projects.

Save oodles of time

Ventura SQL is the 3-tier SQL framework for C# projects where database access and web services are integrated into a single solution. Save lots of development time. Ventura SQL replaces Entity Framework, ORM, LINQ and Web API with an enterprise-level solution.

You only need to enter SQL statements in Ventura SQL Studio.

SQL statements

You only need to enter SQL statements in Ventura SQL Studio and click the Generate button. The generated SQL framework code for client and server is injected into your C# projects and the runtime does the rest. There is no need to define models and mappings. This is a genius concept that maximizes programmer productivity.

The Ventura SQL API is close to perfect.

Perfectly designed

Ventura SQL was designed with attention to detail. The API is close to perfect, convenient and easy to use. We did the low-level plumbing so you can stay focused on the business logic.

Ventura SQL has record breaking performance.

Record breaking performance

The high performance FrameStream API transmits data in the fastest way possible. As the runtime does not use object mapping and reflection, data is accessed at record speed.

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Any C# project

Ventura SQL is compatible with all C# platforms including UWP, WPF, WinForms, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core and Mono.

Security with Ventura SQL Data Sentry.


The server-side Data Sentry protects your database without hindering bona-fide users.

Ventura SQL supports all ADO.NET Providers.

ADO.NET Providers

Ventura is compatible with all ADO.NET providers: SQL Server (SqlClient), Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, CData and many more.

Ventura SQL Studio's list of templates.


Get started quickly with the project templates, sample recordsets, data and Visual Studio C# projects. We also provide a Line of Business software programming pattern on how to optimally use recordsets in your code.