Ventura is an innovative Data Access Layer for C# programs that need to retrieve and update Microsoft Sql Server data at record-breaking performance.

What makes Ventura unique is that a 3-tier architecture is integrated into the DAL. There is no need to write, and maintain, Web Services.

In a 3-tier solution, the client does not connect to the database directly, instead it retrieves and updates data through a middle-layer Web server. This makes Sql Server data access available on platforms that do not support direct Sql Server connections.

Ventura runtime DLLs are available for most platforms:

  • UWP (Win10) Apps
  • Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin.iOS
  • WPF
  • WinForms

The runtimes for .Net Core 1.1 (Linux, macOS and Windows) and ASP.NET Core will be available soon.

In Ventura you define the Data Access Layer by providing Sql statements. The DAL is generated in the form of C# Recordset classes, based on the resultset(s) as returned by Sql server.

This is a genius concept that maximizes programmer productivity.

There is no need to define models or mappings, and that is what keeps your Data Access Layer simple, understandable and manageable.

Ventura scales from development teams building enterprise applications to individual developers. With our tools, developers become hyper productive.

Why Ventura?

  • You are writing C# code and need to retrieve and update Sql Server data;
  • Define the Data Access Layer with Sql statements;
  • An extremely well designed solution that makes working with the database a pleasure;
  • It offers reliability, productivity, simplicity and raw performance;
  • You will be up and running in a genuine 3-tier architecture in less than an hour.