Why hire a consultant?

  • Top notch expertise and experience;
  • Instant productivity;
  • Reduced operational expenses from avoiding long-term payroll and benefits expenses;
  • Consultants have a reputation to maintain, whereas an employee developer has an incentive to create future job security by writing overcomplicated and sloppy code;
  • A consultant can be dismissed with minimal notice. It is not uncommon for under-performing employees to be kept on the payroll for multiple months, throughout various stages of probation, to minimize the potential for an employee-filed lawsuit. The resulting cost to the company can be quite substantial.

When making the in-house employee vs. consultant cost-based hiring decision, it’s critically important to properly account for all the hidden costs per employee and costs per consultant involved to make a sound business decision.

When correctly calculating all direct, indirect and infrastructure costs for an employee, hiring a consultant may turn out to be cheaper.