Frank van de Ven's Experience

I have over 25 years full time experience as a software developer. I have always been running my own business, including two years of contracting in between.

My hot skills are: C#, UWP, XAML, ASP.NET with Razor/MVC, WPF, SQL Server, IIS, Azure App Service and Azure SQL Server.


  • UX design and development;
  • Rich client development with UWP, WPF and WinForms;
  • XAML on UWP and WPF
  • Web applications with ASP.NET, Razor/MVC and Bootstrap;
  • Developing UI controls;
  • Developing commercial components for developers;
  • Middle-tier servers on IIS;
  • In depth ADO.NET and SQL Server knowledge;
  • Custom server-development with TCP/IP and multi-threading;
  • Asynchronous programming, multi-threading;
  • Direct TCP/IP on Winsock;

Languages spoken: fluent Dutch, fluent English and reasonable German.

Development tools

I design and develop software development tools. Ventura and Terranova are my most notable products:

Ventura SQL (released December 2016)

Ventura SQL is a Data Access Layer for C# with SQL Server projects.

Terranova (2000-2014)

Terranova is a combination of base framework and SQL-to-XML server used for rapidly developing line-of-business software. The system was released in 2000, and at that time unique as the client UX was running in the Internet Explorer browser.


Healthcare: Cormel IT Services

Cormel developed their QIC home-care software using my Terranova system. QIC became a great success.

Healthcare: CompuGroup Medical

CompuGroup (formerly EuroNed) developed their Pharmacy and GP software called Mira using my Terranova system. Mira became a great success. Later CompuGroup Medical bought the property rights for Terranova.

Healthcare: VVAA-RAET

Developed and marketed FysIQ, a medical billing system for physiotherapists. The software was later sold to VVAA-RAET.

Industrial: RENTEX Group

Development of rental-clothing management software for industrial laundries who work for companies like AKZO, DSM, hospitals and factories. The software interfaces with dot code cameras and chip readers, laundry-sorting and label-printing machines. The software also contains a complex billing system.

Healthcare: Medtronic

Programmed parts of a standard program for storing pacemaker data that was measured on patients by cardiologists.

Contract Software Development

Between December 1997 and January 2000, I worked as a contractor.

Transportation: Accenture - Frankfurt
December 1998 – January 2000

  • Call center software project for Deutsche Bahn;
  • Train and Wagon Order and Workflow/Inquiry systems developed to provide Railway’s Ordering and Customer Service departments with up-to-the-minute information;
  • The system interfaces with Telephony, GIS, MQ Series, FCP, mainframe and Internet eCommerce systems and uses DB2 (running on an MVS host) and Oracle 7 (running on a SUN Unix system). System architecture based on PFC and customized foundation;
  • Development in Powerbuilder;
  • Responsibilities: Technical design, analysis, development, unit testing, assembly testing, system testing and writing technical documentation;
  • Highly structured, large IT environment with strong quality & standards control;
  • Project team of over 70 staff (16 developers).

Pharmaceutical: Euroned (OPG) - Netherlands
August 1998 - November 1998

  • Three-tier software development project (DCOM-MTSSQL Server);
  • Responsible for programming parts of Euroned’s administrative software for pharmacists and general practitioners;
  • Visual Basic 6, Rational Rose, SQL Server 6.

Banking: ABN-AMRO Bank
December 1997 – June 1998

  • AA Station Project. Redesign, bug-fixing and implementation of Corporate Banking software for the largest Dutch bank - ABN AMRO;
  • The software manages bank accounts, issued checks, transfers and payment of invoices, estimated risk, facilitated reporting and import and export of data in various formats;
  • Worked on Euro-currency support, international payment modules, SWIFT message generation and SWIFT message parsing and reports;
  • Responsible for the design and development of data conversion program to convert dBase data from DOS product, to new Powerbuilder/Sybase product. The program heavily uses data piping and stored procedures;
  • Powerbuilder, Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5, Sybase 11, Oracle 7. and NT/Windows 95 client/server environment;
  • Development by a project team of over 20 staff (architecture designers, developers, testers);