Introducing Frank

I have dedicated my entire adult life to the many aspects of business software development, and gained an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in a long and focused career.

I am passionate about designing and writing software that is extremely reliable and easy to use. I am competitive and determined to be the best in what I do.

With over 25 years of experience in designing user experiences, middle-ware, servers and databases for line-of-business applications, I also have broad experience in making development teams highly productive and successful.

As a creative person, I am really good at imagining and building software from scratch.

I have exceptionally strong analytical and problem solving skills.

A good developer is business oriented and never loses sight of the fact that the software built must make money and be profitable.

I am currently focused on the Microsoft stack. My hot skills are: C#, UWP, ASP.NET with Razor/MVC, WPF, SQL Server, IIS and Azure App Service and Azure SQL Server. See the experience page for more information.

Consulting services offered:

Making your developers productive

My specialty is designing and creating software development frameworks that cover the entire system: user-interface, data-processing, transaction-support, data-communication and database-access.

With such a framework, a development team produces rapid, consistent and uniform results.

Your development team will program dialog-definitions, data-retrieval and data-updating through a carefully designed API that is polished to perfection. The API is kept as simple and minimalistic as possible.

The API acts as a kind of bottle-neck that forces developers to program in a consistent and uniform way. You will be pleasantly surprised to see to that even average-quality developers in your team will become more motivated and are starting to shine.

Let me create the foundation for your next lightning-fast desktop, web or mobile application.

Application Performance

Poor performance means poor user experience and poor productivity. I have the experience to speed up your applications. When you work with me, you will speed up load times, decrease processing time, and display data instantly. This can dramatically improve user satisfaction.

Short term consulting

I also offer short term consulting or mentoring. Contact me through the contact form first. We can communicate using Skype, WhatsApp or phone for voice/video calls. When needed, we will use TeamViewer for screen sharing. The rate is US$160/hour, billed in hourly increments.

Are you ready to talk? Contact us and I will follow up shortly.

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