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This is the website of Frank Th. van de Ven. I am a Dutch software developer specialized in creating line-of-business software using C# with UWP, WPF, ASP.NET Core (Blazor/MVC), Xamarin and SQL Server.

I don't know if Microsoft's .NET developer platform is the best in the world, but it certainly gets the job done, and how! Great productivity, great performance and amazing cross-platform support. C# code runs on almost any platform! Web, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud, IoT, Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS.

Apart from building end-user software I also create software development tools for Development Teams. My tools make make developers productive. My specialty is creating software development frameworks that cover the entire system: user-interface, data-processing, transaction-support, data-communication and database-access. My solutions are totally integrated, a development team using my tools, produces rapid, consistent and uniform results.

I use this website to showcase my past and present projects:

SQL for Blazor WebAssembly

Cross-platform VenturaSQL for browsers.

VenturaSQL, the 3-tier SQL framework, is compatible with Blazor WebAssembly. You are able to access and update almost any database from the browser without the need for REST API, Web API, Protocol Buffers, gRPCS and Entity Framework. Just select a data provider, enter SQL statements and click Generate. That is all there is to it!

SQL for Blazor WebAssembly page


The 3-tier SQL framework for C# projects.

VenturaSQL is the 3-tier SQL framework for C# projects where database access and web services are integrated into a single solution. VenturaSQL replaces Entity Framework, ORM, LINQ and Web API with a totally integrated enterprise-level solution.

Download and start using VenturaSQL for your personal and commercial projects completely free.

VenturaSQL project page

Ventura UWP

The complete base framework.

Ventura UWP is an enterprise-class UX base framework for a development team to build on top of.

The framework is still a research project as UWP is not popular for business app development yet. I am hopeful that porting the project to WinUI 3 later in 2020 will change this.

Both a demo app and source code can be downloaded.

Ventura UWP project page

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