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The 3-tier SQL framework for C# projects

Ventura SQL

The 3-tier SQL framework for C# projects.

Save 80% of development time and costs as database access and web service middle-tier are integrated into a single solution. No need to learn Entity Framework, ORM, LINQ and Web API.

You can relax as you only need to enter SQL statements and Ventura does the rest. As a matter of fact, your 3-tier SQL framework will be up and running within an hour.

Ventura SQL was designed with attention to detail. The API is close to perfect, convenient and easy to use.

The High Performance FrameStream API transmits data in the fastest way possible.

The server-side Data Sentry protects your data without hindering bona-fide users.

Ventura is compatible with all ADO.NET providers: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, CData and many more.

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Ventura UX for UWP

The complete base framework.

Ventura UX for UWP is an enterprise-level base framework ready for a development team to build on top of.

The framework is a premium product and purchased in combination with design and development consulting services. We will passionately work with your team to produce a winner.

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Development consulting services

We make developers productive. Our specialty is creating software development frameworks that cover the entire system: user-interface, data-processing, transaction-support, data-communication and database-access.

As our solutions are totally integrated, a development team using our tools, produces rapid, consistent and uniform results. Your developers need to be average-quality as the difficult work will be done by us. We deliver guaranteed results.

We are specialized in C# projects: UWP and WPF for the desktop, Xamarin for mobile and ASP.NET (Core) with MVC for web apps.

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